The Great Commission and the Holy Trinity: This Sunday’s Gospel 5/30/2021

This Sunday's Gospel

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A few days after I came home from SEEK 19, my first FOCUS conference, I sat down to write all of my thank you notes. I fundraised my registration for SEEK, so I wanted to write a handwritten thank you note to all of my donors. I expressed my gratitude, told them about my favorite speakers, and shared how much I grew in my faith during the conference. At the end of every card, I wrote Matthew 28:18-20 under my signature. These verses encompass the Great Commission, and I included it in my thank you notes as a nod to the call that we all should heed as Christians.

There are so many ways that we can take part in the Great Commission. Jesus invites all of us to spread the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations, but we all play a different role in this call. There’s a saying related to mission that goes, “some give by going, and some go by giving,” which explains that those who give financial support help make missions possible. The friends and family who donated so that I could go to SEEK were participating in the Great Commission. Because they gave, I was able to attend a conference and encounter Jesus. On the surface, donating money might seem like a basic way to take part in the Great Commission, but it’s necessary and so appreciated.

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After attending SEEK, thousands of college students and I had gained a responsibility. We left the conference significantly more formed in our faith, which means that we were tasked with using our knowledge to share Christ’s love and to spread the Gospel. This seems straightforward, but there are countless approaches to doing this. For a while, I thought that I would participate in the Great Commission as a FOCUS missionary, but that didn’t work out. Now, I understand that I can share the Gospel as a writer, as a future wife, maybe someday as a mama, and in whatever career God has in store for me. Whatever our calls in life may be, we can always find ways to make disciples of all nations.

On the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, we reflect on the mystery of the Trinity and adore the three Persons of it. Maybe we read the Great Commission for today’s Gospel because the Trinity is at the heart of it. Jesus leaves us with the Great Commission before His Ascension because He wants us all to be gathered in His Father’s love, and the Holy Spirit descends upon us so that we can play our parts in the Great Commission. Maybe right now, you’re not sure how you can make disciples of all nations. If this is the case, root yourself in the Holy Trinity. No matter what role you take in the Great Commission, strive to grow closer to God the Father through Jesus, and invite the Holy Spirit to work through you and bear fruit.

Stay radiant!

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