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I’m Madeline Rose McKissick! I’m a daughter of the Lord and an up-and-coming Catholic writer. I’m originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and I’m a graduate of Slippery Rock University where I earned a BA in dance and a BS in professional writing. After college, I spent a year of service with Franciscan Mission Service in Washington, DC, and now I work for Habitat for Humanity Choptank in Maryland. I love to take care of my plants, crochet, drink coffee, play board games, and spend time with my loved ones.

I was born and raised Catholic, so my faith was always present in my life. My family took me to Mass every Sunday and I went to Catholic school from my first day of kindergarten to my high school graduation. I was baptized, I made my first Holy Communion, I was Confirmed, and I used to be an altar server and a cantor. For the longest time, my faith was just something that I did. I went to Mass and Confession and prayed the rosary because I “had” to. It wasn’t until I began Confirmation classes in 9th grade that I began to genuinely desire a relationship with God.

When I learned that soon there wouldn’t be anyone to hold my hand and make sure I was living my faith, that’s when I took it into my own hands. I’m glad that I learned this lesson before I went to college, because instead of falling away from my faith, I strengthened it. I found my brothers and sisters in Christ at the Newman Center on Slippery Rock’s campus, and we’ve helped each other grow in holiness since our freshman year. During this time, my once lukewarm faith ignited. Because of my continuous decision to run towards God, I embrace his endless love and mercy, and I desire to help others to do the same.

about Radiant With Joy

I named Radiant with Joy after my favorite Bible verse, Psalm 34:5, which reads “Those who look to God are radiant with joy; their faces are never darkened with shame.” This verse describes how I want to live my life. Nothing on this earth can satisfy my needs like my Heavenly Father can. Nothing can bring me as much joy as God. I write Radiant with Joy to share all aspects my faith journey. I want to show the highs, the lows, the successes, and the struggles. I want to write blog posts that are perfectly human so that you can see the beauty in the imperfections. I’m striving for holiness, and I invite you to do the same and come on this journey with me.

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