The Fruits of the Glorious Mysteries

A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothes with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

Revelation 12:1

I used to get distracted throughout the Rosary, and occasionally I still do. I announce the mystery, let my mind wander, and only remember which one I’m on when I pray the ninth or tenth Hail Mary. The things that help me to contemplate each mystery are the fruits of the mysteries. I ponder how the fruit applies to its respective mystery and I pray to embody that fruit in my own life. As you meditate on the fruits of the Glorious Mysteries, open your heart to receive the fruits and ask Jesus and Mary to reveal where you can grow in that fruit.

The Fruits of the Glorious Mysteries: Meditations on the fruits of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary
The Fruits of the Glorious Mysteries: Meditations on the fruits of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

The First Glorious Mystery is the Resurrection
The Fruit of the Mystery is Faith
Jesus told his Apostles that he was going to suffer, die, and rise again. They knew all along that this was coming, but after Jesus died, they fell into despair. They seemed to forget that Jesus’ Resurrection was only three days away. When Mary Magdalene and the other women visited the tomb on the first Easter morning, I’m sure they weren’t expecting to hear that their Lord had risen, but when they realized that Jesus was alive again, they knew that his promises were true. Jesus really is the Son of God, and his Resurrection gives us eternal life. On the day that Jesus rose, he laid the cornerstone of our faith. While we should always hold onto it, when life presents struggles and difficulties, it’s hard to keep our faith. Even when we lose faith, Jesus is always near. He finds ways to bring us to him and to reveal his love to us.

The Second Glorious Mystery is the Ascension
The Fruit of the Mystery is Hope
Forty days after Jesus’ Resurrection, he gathered his Apostles to be with all of them in person one more time. He gave them the Great Commission, telling them to make disciples of all nations. After lovingly giving them this mission, Jesus returned to his Heavenly Father. The Apostles watched Jesus ascend into Heaven until they couldn’t see him anymore. In the same way that Jesus ascended into his Kingdom, he’ll come back to earth for his second coming. Contemplating Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven deepens our hope. We wait in hope for his glorious second coming and for eternal life with him.

The Third Glorious Mystery is the Descent of the Holy Spirit
The Fruit of the Mystery is Love of God
Given the mission of spreading the Gospel, the Apostles were probably hesitant, scared, and confused. For ten days, they and Mary stayed together in an upper room, praying unceasingly. Finally, on Pentecost, God sent the Holy Spirit to descend on them in tongues of fire. Now, burning with the Holy Spirit, they received the means to do their mission. God gives each of us a role to play in the Great Commission. In some way, we’re all responsible for making disciples of all nations. While this mission can seem daunting, we don’t have to go forth alone. The Holy Spirit grants us the gifts we need to share the Gospel and to live a life worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we feel overwhelmed and discouraged, we can turn to the Lord, asking him to give us the wisdom, courage, piety, or whatever we need to continue our journey.

The Fourth Glorious Mystery is the Assumption
The Fruit of the Mystery is Grace of a Happy Death
As the Mother of God and the most perfect and precious part of God’s creation, Mary was assumed into Heaven. She didn’t stay on earth to decompose in a tomb. Instead, God brought her body and soul into his Kingdom. I can see why Mary’s death is considered happy, but no one else will die like she did. This reality leads me to contemplate what constitutes a happy death? When we find peace and even joy in dying, we have the grace of a happy death. As we prepare to leave this world, we can rest knowing that Jesus has already conquered the grave. Because of this, at the moment of our deaths, we can rejoice knowing that soon we’ll see the face of God and enter his Kingdom.

The Fifth Glorious Mystery is the Coronation of Mary
The Fruit of the Mystery is Trust in Mary’s Intercession
One of the FOCUS missionaries I knew from Slippery Rock always said that Mary is the perfect example of a perfect missionary. When I think of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth, I think of her taking responsibility for all of God the Father’s children as her own. Her mission in life exemplified and continued as Queen of Heaven and earth. Entrusted with all of us, our Blessed Mother constantly draws us closer to her Son. With confidence, we can turn to Mary as our Mother, our Queen, and our model of how to follow God’s will perfectly.

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