How Our Lady and the Rosary Improved my Prayer Life

Although the repeated Hail Mary is addressed directly to Mary, it is to Jesus that the act of love is ultimately directed, with her and through her. The repetition is nourished by the desire to be conformed ever more completely to Christ.

St. John Paul II

My First Rosary
When I learned how to pray the Rosary during my First Holy Communion classes, my grandma gave me my first rosary. It had sparkling pale blue beads and a silver cross and miraculous medal. I treasured it and took my Rosary to school and Mass with me. Ever since then, the Rosary was part of my life

How Our Lady and the Rosary Improved my Prayer Life

Praying the Rosary
I grew up praying the Rosary with my mom, at Catholic school, and sometimes I would get together with my extended family to pray the Rosary. I found it difficult to pray the Rosary when I was little. I knew that it was a powerful and beautiful prayer, but because it was very long and repetitive, I didn’t pray it very well.

When I went to high school, my morality teacher encouraged us to never be bored with praying the Rosary. Even though we say the Hail Mary over fifty times, Mary never gets tired of hearing it. We tell our Blessed Mother “I love you” with each Hail Mary. Our moms would never ask us to say “I love you,” differently, and neither would Mary. With this piece of advice, Miss Ackerman changed how I pray the Rosary. To this day, when I feel myself losing interest in the middle of my Rosary, I remind myself that I’m telling Mary that I love her, and I want to say those beautiful words wholeheartedly and intentionally.

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To Jesus Through Mary
When I made my Marian Consecration, I fell more in love with Mary. I grew closer to her as my Mother and improved my relationship with her. Praying the Rosary is my way to spend time with Mary. She yearns to bring us closer to her Son, and the Rosary is a perfect way to go to Jesus through Mary

It took me a while to be able to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary. I’d often announce the mystery and then forget about it until I was finished with that decade and it was time to start the next one. When I learned that the mysteries of the Rosary have fruits, I reflected on them throughout the Rosary. The fruits are ways that each mystery helps you to grow in holiness or virtue. As I pray each mystery, I contemplate the fruit that accompanies it. I ask God to grant me graces to grow in it.

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