3 Reasons Why I Veil at Mass

The covering of the head with a veil symbolizes the reality of woman sheltered in the side of her Source and becoming one with Him. She becomes covered and hidden in her Divine Spouse.

St. John Chrysostom

In the months prior to SLS 20, the FOCUS conference I attended in January, I kept thinking about veiling at Mass. I wondered what it would be like, if it would improve my faith, and if it was for me. I felt called to try veiling at Mass, so when I found a booth for Veil By Tradition at SLS, I bought two veils and a pouch to keep them in. I veiled for the first time that night when I went to the Adoration chapel with a few friends, and I knew that veiling was right for me. There are so many reasons why I veil at Mass, but I’ll tell you about the three biggest ones here.

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1 Veiling is beautiful.

We praise God all the time with beautiful Churches filled with paintings and statues that remind us of his glory. We praise and worship him through music that makes our hearts rejoice. Veiling is another way to praise God with beauty. Along with goodness and truth, beauty is a transcendental, something that allows our thoughts to shift from earthly things to heavenly things.

Sometimes we go to Mass or Adoration preoccupied with distractions and thoughts of our daily life. The sacred art and other beautiful things that surround us remind us to focus on the Lord. Wearing one of my long lace veils helps me to transcend my mentality to worshiping God. When I genuflect, enter a pew, and put my veil on as I kneel, I remind myself to forget about myself for an hour and be fully present with my Savior, who is truly present in the Eucharist.

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2 Mary wore a veil.

If you’re like me, then every time you think of Mary, you picture her wearing a long veil. In fact, she’s rarely depicted in art without one. Mary is the only person who followed God’s plan for her perfectly and wholeheartedly. She always put her own will aside for God’s will, and she always thought of her Son instead of herself. She always points us towards him. My favorite example of this is the Magnificat. During the Visitation, when Elizabeth said “Blessed are you among women,” Mary responded with “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:42-47).

All of this is represented in the veil that she wears. Her veil is an outward sign of her devotion to the Lord. It expresses her humility and love for God as she hides herself to redirect attention to God. Our Blessed Mother does the will of God perfectly, so we emulate her as we wear our veils to show our reverence and submission to God.

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3 Veiling helps us to be hidden with God.

In our faith, we veil things that are sacred. This began in Biblical times when the Holy of Holies was kept behind a thick curtain, only for the high priest to see. Of course, this veil was torn when Jesus was crucified as a sign that we’re now reunited with God and we can be with him in Heaven. We continue the tradition of veiling sacred things as a way to protect them and as an outward sign of their holiness. For example, we keep the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle when we’re not adoring it or receiving it.

Veiling something shows that what is hidden is holy. As we veil our heads, we recognize ourselves as beloved daughters of God. While we wear them in worship, they help us to focus on the Mass or the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration. In a world where everything is fighting for your attention, veiling gives us a way to center our sights on God. It’s also a way to recognize Jesus’ True Presence hidden in the humble form of bread and wine. In a similar way, we hide ourselves to show humility in his presence.

Ladies, if you’re interested in veiling, there are several veil shops out there! I got mine from Veil by Tradition, but there are seriously. so. many. If you feel a tugging at your heart to veil, one to Adoration a few times. If you’re looking for a way to deepen your devotion to the Eucharist and be hidden with the Blessed Sacrament, try wearing the veil. You’ll find yourself falling more in love with the Lord. When he sees his precious daughter wearing the veil, he’ll transform your heart to look to him and depend on him more.

Stay radiant!

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