22 Years

22 Years

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

Counting Blessings
How often do you count your blessings? How often do you thank God for everything He has blessed you with? Do you ever look around at your friends, family, and the other people in your life, or at your job, classes, or tasks and thank God? Do you look around and recognize the abundant blessings that God has entrusted you with? Do you thank God for the life that He gave you?

This is what I like to do on my birthday. I thank God for blessing me with my life and for the chance to know, love, and serve Him. As I go throughout my day, I recognize everyone I encounter and thank God that such wonderful people are in my life. As I go to class, I thank God for my education. As I spend time in the Newman Center, I thank God for this place to receive the sacraments and for good Catholic fellowship. As I go to dinner or have desserts with my family, friends, and boyfriend, I thank God for the beautiful life that He blessed me with and for happy memories that I’m constantly making.

22 Years
22 Years

The Gift of Life
I’ve heard a few times that God didn’t have to create us. He didn’t need us, and He would be fine on His own. He created us because He wants us. He created you and me for the simple yet beautiful reason of loving us, and He gave us the gift of free will so that we can authentically love Him back.

I love this reality and I love to tell others about it. I find that I’m hyper-aware of this especially on my birthday. God didn’t have to give me this life, but He did because He wants me. Today, I’m reminded of my Heavenly Father’s love for me as I thank Him for blessing me with 22 years I remember that because Christ died for me, I live for Him and I can look forward to eternal life.

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Here’s to 22 years of worshiping God and eternity to go.

Stay radiant!

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Published by madeline_mckissick

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Madeline spent a year of service in Washington DC before settling on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She and her husband, Nathan strive for holiness and Sainthood by living simply and intentionally with their eyes fixed on God. You can find Madeline wearing cardigans, enjoying a charcuterie board and a glass of wine, playing board games, spending time with her loved ones, and sometimes doing all four at once. Check out radiantwithjoy.blog and @radiantwjoy on Instagram!

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