Made for Mission

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:19-20

The last verses of the Gospel of Matthew are referred to as the Great Commission. In this passage, Jesus commands not only the eleven disciples who went with him to Galilee to witness his Ascension, but all of his disciples, everyone who believes in him, to teach everyone about him. We’re called to make disciples of all nations and help everyone we encounter to fall more deeply in love with God. We’re called to bring as many people to the Church as we can and to bring as many souls to Heaven with us as possible. But how do we do this?

At SLS 20, a conference hosted by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), college students and young adults will learn how to live the Great Commission and be excellent missionary disciples. This five-day conference held in Phoenix, Arizona from December 30th to January 3rd will inspire and equip thousands of young Catholics through the Sacraments, small group discussions, and the world’s leading Catholic speakers. The tagline of SLS 20 is “You were made for mission,” which reminds us that Christ calls each and every one of us to contribute to the Great Commission. I’m excited to attend this immensely valuable conference this year.

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SLS 20 equips young Catholics to share the Gospel no matter where they are in life. Whether you’re still in college or starting your first job, whether your prayer life is just beginning or if it’s thriving, whether you’re leading your first Bible study or you’re a missionary, you’re contributing to the Great Commission and bringing it one step closer to fruition.

My chapter as a college student will be over in May, and thanks to the grace of God, my faith has strengthened throughout my college years. I’m blessed that I’ll graduate as a better disciple than I was when I began college. I’m still not sure of God’s plan for my life after graduation. I’ve been praying and searching for jobs and although I’m feeling discouraged at the moment, I know that he has me in his hands. Regardless of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing after I graduate, I know that I’ll be able to share the Gospel and live the Great Commission because SLS 20 will teach me how.

~Stay radiant!

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